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With currently almost 100,000 members, it's hard to believe we only started with eight. April 24, 1959 ... the date we began. Eight individuals working aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina decided to pool their money (only $40) to start this credit union. Since then we have grown into a full-service financial institution who serves the Military and the surrounding communities, with branches in NC, VA and SC.


Credit Union Services

We opened a branch in the Brynn Marr area of Jacksonville, NC. Loans were made by appointment in a branch, and we had membership cards instead of computer systems. We grew slow and steady by offering basic savings and loan products. By the end of 1979, we grew to 16,564 members with assets of $12,377,511.


We introduced and installed eleven ATMs along with opening four more branches. A merger with Marine Corps Base Quantico Federal Credit Union in Virginia also took place. We added more products and services including checking, credit cards, mortgage loans and touch teller. At the end of the decade Marine FCU had grown to 48,190 members with assets of $101,338,206.


A new branch was opened aboard Camp Lejeune and four new branches in surrounding areas. By the end of the decade, you didn't have to look very far to find one of our ATMs. We put an additional 42 ATMs into operation. Money Market Accounts were added to the list of services. At the end of the decade, we almost doubled our membership with 93,732 members and $260,267,093 in assets.

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What is navy federal credit union phone number?

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yes, we have jobs